To see life.
To see the world.
To watch the faces of the poor, and the gestures of the proud.
To see strange things. Machines, armies, multitudes, and shadows in the jungle.
To see, and to take pleasure in seeing.
To see and be instructed.
To see and be amazed…”
Henry Luce

Dear Henry,

I look, I feel and I’m surprised that there is so much of it all around me. Pretty and ugly things, happy, sad and entirely different things! The world in all its emotions, colors, flavors and fragrances. And I’m learning! If you only knew how much I’m learning! With all my strength, with all my senses, conscientiously every day. Because the image has to be seen, tasted, touched and smelled. And you know what, Mr Luce? I’m happy, because it works! But there’s one more thing, which I would like to share with you. I once heard a beautiful story that our dreams are like boxes that we fill in with essence every day. As a result of our efforts they expand and keep constantly growing. We just need to take care of them. So I have these boxes and I have them quite a lot. All are filled with photographs; the ones which I’ve already taken and the ones that I will still take. And there is a special box with the most valuable photographs for National Geographic – because this is what I dream of the most. If only I watch and learn more, I believe that my dream will come true. One day I’ll open that box and there will be striking images of the amazing world I see through my eyes.Well, that’s it. I’ll eat something and go. I’m going to take some photos, as always for someone special … I’m really lucky, don’t you think, Mr Luce?

Yours faithfully, Katarzyna Pawlica